Rowdy Johnson



Rowdy Johnson is an American Outlaw steeped in tradition and authenticity.

Born and raised in Apopka, Florida with a chip on his shoulder and songs in his heart, Rowdy quickly found that he had a gift for expressing himself through lyrics and song. With a name like Rowdy, it’s only fitting, and yes, Rowdy is his real name!

Growing up down South with the sounds of so many greats such as Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr., Marshall Tucker Band, Johnny Cash and ultimately Waylon Jennings among count-less others, it was easy to find his inspiration and a sense of freedom in music.

Never bowing to labels and with the desire to blaze his own path, it's allowed Rowdy to take all his influences and roll them into what Rowdy Johnson music is all about -- complete musical freedom.

Speaking of Freedom, Rowdy served in United States Navy in his early years and is the voice of the American Military and as well as a strong advocate for his fellow Veterans.

Formed in 2007 out of Tucson, Arizona, the Rowdy Johnson Band burst on the scene quickly due to their original songs and sound. On the stages all throughout Arizona, most notably Tombstone, RJB began to spread their wings and hone their craft. In the “Town Too Tough To Die”, RJB became Legend and it didn’t take long for the word to spread. 

Somewhere between the unmistakable Outlaw sounds of Waylon, Willie and Classic Southern Rock & Honky-Tonk, that’s where you’ll find Rowdy Johnson - carrying on the tradition.

With three CD releases to date - “Outlaws Today”, “America’s Best”, and "Hillbilly Rock Star" - you can hear 36 amazing songs that pack a serious punch and are even better when heard live. From the dive bars & honky-tonks to the biggest stages around, Rowdy Johnson’s right at home no matter the size of the crowd.

Having shared the stage with some of Music’s most iconic performers including Merle Haggard, John Anderson, David Allan Coe, Charlie Daniels, Molly Hatchet, Gary Allan, Trace Adkins, .38 Special, Gretchen Wilson, Sawyer Brown, Big & Rich, Jackyl, Grand Funk Railroad and Steppenwolf just to name a few, Rowdy’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

With a world class band, new music on the way and a reputation of being “The Real Deal”, Rowdy Johnson continues to rise up the ranks with no plans of stopping any time soon. Seems this Unwanted Man is wanted more than ever these days.


Rowdy Johnson Videos

Unwanted Man by Rowdy Johnson

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