Derek Sisson



 Derek Sisson is a native Texan and former Marine. 

He started his journey in the into the Wine & Spirits industry in 2008 as a wine importer.
His success in the wine industry led him to start a Wine & Spirits distribution company founding Texas Top Shelf. Through the years as the CEO of Texas Top Shelf he learned every aspect of the industry as well as building key relationships. 

In 2017, Derek made the commitment to create his own brand and Merica Bourbon was born.

Through Derek’s guidance Merica Bourbon is in 45 states and carried by most leading chains, including Walmart, nationwide. 

With his experience within the special operations community as a member of 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company, USMC, and a life as an entrepreneur has proved he has the leadership skills and drive to catapult which has brought Merica Bourbon to the next level of global success. 

Read more about Speical Operations warrior-turned-entrepreneur Derek Sisson in Forbes "Entrepreneur's Winning Secret: Use These 3 Elite Military Tactics in Business."


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Derek Sisson, Marine

Derek Sisson, Marine

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