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Legitimacy, Procedural Justice,Difference between Authority and Power

Palestine, TX Police Chief Andy Harvey is a Command Level Law Enforcement leader with over 20 years’ experience in the Dallas Police Department.

Chief Andy Harvey’s leadership experience also encompasses a distinguished 21-year military career with the United States Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and the Texas Army National Guard.

Harvey has variously served the Dallas Police Department as Commander of the Media Relations Unit, an Investigative Unit Commander, and Patrol Watch Commander of the Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Central Patrol Divisions.

As Media Relations Commander, Harvey created the First Watch web video series in English and Spanish, his first language. During that time, he also championed, and created the Dallas Police Department Social Media services, and was regularly seen on local, national, and international news programs speaking on behalf of the Chief of Police and the department.

Retiring from the military at age 37, his military career with US Air National Guard included the position of First Sergeant over the 136th Mission Support Group at Carswell Naval Air Station in Ft. Worth, Texas, with accountability for over 400 enlisted members, ensuring members were always operationally prepared.  Twice during that time, Harvey was called on to lead in crisis – first, in Kuwait at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and later in New Orleans, LA, just days after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Harvey’s leadership philosophy sees effective policing today requiring courageous and collaborative leaders at every level of an organization.  In focus, it is imperative that officers are called upon to think outside of their squad car, considering the impact their actions may have on the police department, their local community, and the profession of policing in general.

Realizing the concepts of legitimacy and procedural justice needed to be presented to police officers at every level, he created and wrote a curriculum in 2013 – Excellence in Policing – which includes the 3-phase police-citizen model: legitimacy, procedural justice, and difference between authority and power. These areas were recently included in the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  He is in the process of writing a book, Excellence in Policing, which will be available to police leaders around the world.

A professional speaker and presenter, Harvey has presented the Excellence in Policing and Confident Media Relations courses to hundreds of police executives in Texas, and throughout the country. As an executive trainer, he has trained many leaders around the state in leadership, community relations, and media relations.


Other Law Enforcement focused Keynote/Workshops include “Leading with Confidence: Unleashing the Lion Inside.”  Learning objectives include identifying insecurities that may hurt you, defining confidence and why you may want more of it, realizing that servant leaders are confident, embracing change rather than running from it, and more.

Harvey holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, and an Associates in Avionics Systems Technology. He is a Master Peace Officer, a TCLEOSE Instructor, a graduate of LEMIT Leadership Command College, and the Caruth Police Institute in Dallas. He is a member of the Dallas Police Association, the National Latino Law Enforcement Officers Association, and the Leadership Command College Alumni Association.

Andy Harvey, Air Force Reserve

Andy Harvey, Air Force Reserve

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Retired Police LT 

 Andy is a consummate professional who consistently displays the qualities of a leader; integrity, common sense, and the ability to effectively communicate with a broad range of people. Any conversation is richer with Andy as a part of it. .

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Seminar Participants

Seminar Participant

 Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas 

Awesome instruction, never thought this topic could be covered in an interesting way. 

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Seminar Participants

Seminar Participants

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University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute 

Great topic. Very relevant right now. 

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Excellence in Policing


You will learn simple ways to exceed citizens' expectations in every encounter. The principles found here can be applied to every profession that involves human beings! 

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