Bravo748 FAQs


What does Bravo748 Speakers Bureau do?

Bravo748 works with event planners to book a motivational Speaker or Entertainer for their event.

How do I contact Bravo748 and book a Speaker or Entertainer?

Contact us by clicking the button below or call Bravo748 at (843) 900-6782.

What audiences are the best fit for Bravo748 Speakers and Entertainers?

Bravo748 Speakers and Entertainers fit a wide variety of audiences!  From Military installations and organizations to Veteran organizations and associations, Fortune 500 companies, for-profit and not-for-profit, comedy clubs, fundraisers, universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, healthcare  and behavioral health companies, medical and pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement, firefighters, and so much more!

I’ve never booked a Speaker or Entertainer before…How do I start?

Contact Us!  We will work with you to get the Speaker or Entertainer you choose.

Can I review a Speaker or Entertainer’s previous appearances?

Yes.  Go to the Bravo748 page of the Speaker or Entertainer you are interested in, and if we have video, it is available for viewing on their page. 

How much does it cost to book a Speaker or Entertainer?

Fees vary according to type of event, duration of presentation(s), and travel required.  Contact Us and share your event information. We will work one on one with you to get a quote.


What information should I have ready to book a Speaker or Entertainer?


  • Name, email, and phone number of contact person for your organization
  • Date and location of event
  • Type of event – high school, Veteran organization, firefighter association, law enforcement workshop, healthcare conference, faith-based event, etc.
  • Purpose of event
  • Budget

Will Speakers and Entertainers participate in more than a presentation?

Yes.  In the Bravo748 Agreement, we can add activities such as local radio or TV appearances to promote the event, Meet and Greet, photo opportunities, book signings, receptions, planned meals to meet event organizers and sponsors, etc.

Prior to the event date, will I be able to communication directly with the Speaker or Entertainer?

Yes.  Pre-event calls are key to ensuring the event coordinator and Speaker or Entertainer are on the same page.  This is also addressed in the Agreement and subsequent emails with the event coordinator.

Can I record a Speaker or Entertainer’s presentation?

Yes.  Terms are negotiated in the Bravo748 Agreement.

Logistics, Agreements, Budget?

Once your Speaker is selected, Bravo748 handles the logistics of contracting and getting the Speaker to your event within your budget. With your assistance, the Speaker will be well-prepared to address the topic you chose, as well as helping you make your event a success.  Our focus is always Mission Moving Forward.

Question and Answer?

Question and Answer after presentations encourage the audience to participate and helps them take a forward step in creating a shared community of recognition, acceptance, and discussion. As time allows, speakers will mingle with the audience after the presentation to allow private one-on-one discussion.