Why Bravo748

Why Use Bravo748 for My Event?

Highly Trained and Experienced Military and Combat Speakers, Presenters, Trainers, Emcees, Skydivers, Singers, Live Bands

Bravo748 selects Military and Combat representatives who have a true message to deliver – one that inspires, motivates, and leaves the audience with a feeling of accomplishment. Speakers, presenters, trainers, emcees, skydivers, singers, and the band share their personal experiences on topics ranging from suicide prevention and intervention, to law enforcement and military active duty, to mental health / physical health issues, to military sexual trauma-relationships-healing, to personal accomplishments and setbacks in dealing with their own pain, self-care, healing, resources, and needed supports.

Question and Answer after presentations encourage the audience to participate and helps them take a forward step in creating a shared community of recognition, acceptance, and discussion. As time allows, speakers will mingle with the audience after the presentation to allow private one-on-one discussion.


Once your speaker is selected, Bravo748 handles the logistics of contracting and getting the speaker to your event – all within your approved budget. With your assistance, the speaker will be well-prepared to address the topic you chose, as well as helping you make your event a success. The singers and band - well, just get ready to ROCK ON!

Focus on Resources, Supports, Recovery

Bobby Henline and Jamie Burton created Bravo748 to focus on working with Exceptional Military and Combat Veterans who are willing to share their own lived experiences – mental health, physical health, crisis situations, strategy, resilience, and recovery, as well as training programs they personally developed. Sharing these experiences allows each individual in the audience to realize they are not alone in their struggles. There are many others struggling as they are, and hearing someone speak publicly about personal, formerly taboo topics allows the elephant in the room to be addressed. Risk of ridicule or public stigma is reduced, encouraging those who need help to actively seek it out. Speakers address the toll that hidden illnesses take on the individual, their family and friends, and they actively encourage and motivate the audience to seek help and resources to address their own issues. Resources and supports with a goal of recovery are shared. The singers are US Army veterans and the band is led by a US Army Vet, lead singer and songwriter. Music focuses on experiences, honesty, pain, and resilience with LOTS of fun mixed in.

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