William Rodriguez


"Thank You for Your Service"


Decorated 3-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Veteran is featured in the Documentary, Thank You For Your Service.

William Rodriguez, upon leaving the Army, received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Ashland University and Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California (USC). He was in the first USC Cohort to do the military concentration program. William has dedicated his time and study to helping people cope with issues such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicide, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. William’s life experiences and extensive studies give him a down to earth, highly relatable style of communication that fosters trust and confidence with his clients at his consultant and life coaching practice, Torii Recovery Coaching and Consulting in Santa Barbara, CA.

His lifelong experience growing up in an active-duty military family, and then serving on active duty as noncommissioned officer with a young family of his own, gives him a unique perspective on the needs of military families. He puts this experience into practice as a program evaluator and researcher with Purple Star Veterans and Families in Santa Barbara, CA; and as a retreat facilitator for Phoenix Rising in San Sebastian, FL where he teaches veterans to focus on post-traumatic growth and finding their mission, purpose and identity.

William travels around the country with the film, Thank You For Your Service, discussing the need for changes within the military and VA surrounding behavioral health issues, including the need for a Behavioral Health Corps.


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We first met William in 2013 while making the film Thank You For Your Service – a documentary feature that details the mental health crisis in the military and the real world solutions needed for change.

We were in Santa Barbara, CA interviewing someone else when William walked into the room. On chance, we interviewed William and we were blown away. He not only told us an incredible story, he also possessed an incredible capacity for oration, a unique ability to communicate abstract ideas and merge them with powerfully stark visual storytelling, and most importantly, he has the ability to inspire. Very quickly we made him part of our film and he eventually became one of the major characters.

After we finished the film and distributed it around the country, he became our primary representative for the film. His sharp intellect, character, sense of purpose and powerful communication skills made him the ideal person to communicate and disseminate the ideas we were trying to convey in our film.

We believe he has an important future as a communicator and advocate of military and veteran rights and concerns. I can think of no single better person to represent our nation’s veterans and the needs that they face when they return and reintegrate into society.

Without a doubt, he has our highest recommendation.
Ilan Arboleda, Tom Donahue
Producer, Director
I have been on multiple panel discussions with William for the film "Thank You For Your Service" and the way he connects with audiences – and then one-on-one after the film – is truly incredible to behold. William has the unique set of abilities and gifts to make him one of his generation of soldiers’ true leaders and great communicators.
Carrie Ann Alford
Director of Policy & Planning, Virginia Department of Veterans Services




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