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At 11 years old while on a neighborhood sleepover, John was sexually assaulted by an older boy.  Blaming himself and frightened by physical threats, John hid the traumatic event for over 40 years – never talking about it with anyone.  

Periodically over that time, he used alcohol to soothe his pain and to numb himself from the sickening memory.  An automobile accident in 2012 not only changed his life, but caused the trauma to resurface.  Immediately after the accident, John’s life began to spiral out of control.

Episodes of anger and resentment led to the selling of his small business and to the disintegration of his 20-year marriage.  John was out of control. His overspending and anger led his wife Ann to begin divorce proceedings, and by Christmas of 2015, John was in a crisis situation. 

One particularly bad evening, he sought help from a suicide prevention hotline which led him to individual counseling and 41-weeks of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  He also visited a neurologist who was was able to treat his medical condition, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with CBD’s, hemp-based prescription drugs.

With a firm spiritual belief, talk-therapy, neurofeedback, and with hard work, John’s life and marriage is on the mend.  Using his new focus, he also created an innovative company, GreenZone Hero, that changes the way veteran-commerce is viewed by American businesses. Additionally, his Task Force Zen project (currently in the planning stage) will help those who have suffered traumatic events find programs that will help them recover without the stigma often associated with trauma. 



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