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Jill Stephenson’s only child, Ben Kopp, died of injuries received while serving his third tour of duty as a United States Army Ranger.  Ben saved six of his fellow Rangers in the firefight that would cost him his life.  Upon his death, he donated his organs, bone, skin and tissue, saving or enhancing the life of 60 people.  Nearly seven years later, his heart is still beating in a woman from Illinois.

The notion of organ donation came to Jill’s family 27 years earlier when her 11-year-old brother was killed in a car accident.  He became an organ donor causing his legacy to include this selfless act, which in turn caused Ben to make organ donation part of his final wishes.

Six years after Ben’s death, a lightning strike started a fire in Jill’s home causing the loss of most of her personal belongings.  Six months later she moved 1,500 miles away pursuing a dream she had been working towards for nine years.  Jill has helped to create a ripple effect of goodness to honor the lives of her brother and her son.  Drawing on her strength and grace, she has created a positive mission to honor their legacies.  Additionally, she will speak passionately of using life’s adversities to grow personally and to help others who are walking through similar experiences.

Jill is a seasoned motivational speaker, having addressed groups ranging in size from 10 to 10,000.  Coupled with 20+ years of corporate leadership, her life experiences have given her peerless wisdom that enables her to relate with most people.  

Her positive attitude is contagious and will find you believing that anything is possible when you learn to see the blessings in life’s adversities.  Jill will help the audience connect the dots in their life, move through mountains, see with their heart, and reclaim joy.


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When you want a speaker with rich stories, personal depth, and tailored messaging to your audience, you want Jill Stephenson! Both at corporate events and private fundraising engagements, Jill grabs the audience and moves them deeply. The combination of her corporate sensibility and her life experiences make her one of the best speakers I’ve heard in 16 years.
Susan V.
Proctor & Gamble, Associate Director, Brand & Business Service.
I have had the opportunity to hear Jill speak on a number of occasions, and each time I listen to her, I am overwhelmed and touched. Jill speaks to the heart, she mixes personal experience with contemporary challenges and situations, and has a positive impact on all she meets. I cherish each opportunity to listen to her, as her sincerity, experience and positive inspiration make me better for the experience.
Jeff M.
Command Sergeant Major, US Army, Ret.
America's involvement in recent wars is one of the most difficult and contentious topics that students in my course consider. When Jill brought her passion and pride to my classroom, telling the story of her son's service and their shared sacrifice, she was able to reframe the war discussion. What had been divisive and political became human. Rather than causing an argument, Jill brought my students closer together. Her visit was the most powerful learning experience of the semester.
Jon L.
Professor, University of MN, School of Social Work


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