Crosshairs Comedy is a team of military veterans who tour nationally and internationally entertaining both military and civilian audiences. Crosshairs’ comedy addresses the day-to-day issues of both military and non-military life in an unforgettable and hilarious fashion. The co-founders of Crosshairs Comedy began their comedic journeys one week apart.


The face of Crosshairs Comedy is co-founder, “The Well-Done Comedian,” Bobby Henline. Henline was blown up by an IED on his 4th tour of Iraq/Afghanistan in 2007. He was burned over 38% of his body and eventually lost his left hand.  He has undergone approximately 50 skin graft surgeries and three years of rehabilitation.  His Occupational Therapist encouraged Henline to take the comedy stage, as he kept staff and patients in stitches during his time in the hospital. He has been entertaining grateful audiences ever since.  Henline debuted on Showtime in December 2013 as one of the primary comedians in Comedy Warriors: Healing through Humor.  Henline has been featured in Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Huffington Post and various other publications and documentaries.


Crosshairs other co-founder and elder statesman is Anthony Torino. Torino attended the Academy of Health Sciences at Fort Sam Houston where he received Occupational Therapy training. He later completed a Bachelors Degree in Clinical Psychology and Behavior Modification, following up with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Development.  Torino owned rehabilitation facilities prior to beginning comedy.  He has researched/written two books, creates sitcoms, sketches, and taught comedy, as well as co-hosted two different radio shows.  Torino appeared on Showtime, Rooftop Comedy and is a headliner at the comedy club level.


Crosshairs’ comedians have performed at the legendary Improv, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store and Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand.

Crosshairs Comedy Performances


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A comedy event that was initially arranged as a thank you to our employees actually motivated them… an unexpected and welcome bonus to a fun afternoon.
EOG Resources excellent job engaging and interacting with our audience…leaving them entertained and energized. By the end we felt better equipped to understand and deal with our individual and collective problems and obstacles.
Baylor ROTC
Worked with Torino and StandUp Experience on numerous occasions... always professional with a focus on audience satisfaction... Torino’s style of comedy is like sitting through a coach's halftime talk. He tells truths. He highlights our flaws and gives guidance. By the end of his performance you feel uplifted and also realize that you were laughing the entire time. I recommend him for any comedy venue as a headliner. It will be a decision your audiences will appreciate greatly.
LOL Comedy Manager
Powerful personal stories told in a vulnerable and amusing fashion that connected with our audience.
Ordained Minister


Crosshairs Comedy provides clean comedy.  This comedy is appropriate for all venues and does not include questionable language or subjects.  This choice is a delight for all members of the family.

Crosshairs Comedy provides corporate comedy.  These comedy performances can be specifically tailored to the corporate environment and comedians are fully cognizant of the sensitivities in the workplace. 

Crosshairs Comedy loves to provide comedy shows for various charitable organizations.  They tailor their charitable comedy shows to each specific charity.  These shows may include charity-specific material and may be rated G, PG and R at the charities discretion.


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