Have you ever crossed paths with a stranger and instantly felt you have known them all along?  Walked into a coffee shop and had a conversation that changed your day, your week or your life?  Have you ever been moved to tears of joy and gratitude by a beautiful sunset, a kind gesture, or a random person or thing showing up at just the right time?

These are the types of experiences that people experience when they meet and work with Bonnie L. Silver.  She is modest and unattached to the fact that she has a profoundly positive impact on the people she encounters and the fact that, with little effort, they are transformed by her obvious and contagious joy, intuition, generosity and loving spirit.

Bonnie traveled the world as a flight attendant, and then served over 6 years in the U.S. Army.  After earning her Master of Business Administration in 2003, Bonnie entered corporate America but everything changed in 2008.  After being downsized from her sales position, Bonnie found herself making the choice to move into volunteering and being of service, with a variety of nonprofits including the support of veterans in transition. She later achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a best-selling Author contributing to Unbreakable Spirit – Rising Above the Impossible.

During the past few decades, Bonnie invested in her education, and personal and spiritual development, knowing that learning is a lifelong process.  It is from this vantage point that Bonnie best serves in helping an audience grow, expand, and succeed in their lives.  A phrase that rolls effortlessly off Bonnie’s tongue is, “How may I best serve you?”  Her concern is always for other people’s well-being and ensuring that their highest priority needs are being addressed. 

Wrapped in a warm blanket of love, her words and actions come from a servantheart, from the deepest recesses of her soul.  This characteristic allows her to stand out in a world that at times has forgotten how to be there for others – and helps her teach the audience to find their purpose.  Bonnie demonstrates her uniqueness in the way she lives her life. She walks the talk, and she authentically cares, even to the point that she intuitively feels the hurt, the suffering, the painful burdens that others carry.  But while she is empathetic, she is also a strong woman who exhibits the balance between leader and servant.  She doesn’t need to wear the badge to show she’s a leader – people gravitate to her because they see a person of integrity who understands her higher purpose in life.  She is a consciously awake woman who knows how to live in the present moment, and through her example, sets the stage for others to do the same.

Bonnie’s passion is to help people on this journey of life to connect to their true-self, and from that place of love, instead of fear, begin to dismantle their own barriers and allow healing to manifest from the inside-out.  Bonnie understands that to build a better society, the transformation begins at home within oneself. Living what she believes in, she shares from her own experience and wears the scars – but without the pain.

Bonnie’s Keynote and Workshop topics include: Vision/Mission/Purpose; Military Transition; Image/Self Esteem; Positive Thinking; Personal Development; Inspirational/Motivational; Spirituality/Healing and Creating Successful Relationships; and Military Sexual Trauma.




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