Have you ever roller-coastered from serious to laughing in 0.2 milliseconds?  If you haven’t, then you haven’t seen stand-up comedian Anthony Torino in action.  He is an expert at making audiences laugh at every day thought-provoking topics like raising kids, preventing work injuries, incarceration, aging, society, behavior problems, and working towards the American Dream – just to name a few.

Growing up in the military (his dad was USAF) Torino was raised primarily on military bases.  As a child – cancer got in his way.  As a teen – histoplasmosis got in his way.  As a 15-year-old, he was told not to lift weights because it would kill him.  He lifted weights anyway, and the experience saved his life.  He became an athlete, which transformed his attitude and view of the world.

At the tender age of 44, Torino made a decision to begin working as a comedian.  He was told it would take 15 years to become a headliner at the comedy club level.  He achieved that in five years.

 Torino’s background in healthcare, owning businesses, chasing his dreams, physical fitness, relationships, and his own Air Force experience are comical subjects he warms up with – what comes next is anybody’s guess!

Torino has appeared on Showtime’s Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor, and performed at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club (sold-out show), Improv Comedy Club, LOL Comedy Club, and the Laugh Factory.

Some of Torino’s Xtraspecial gifts include: speaking Redneck; creating comedy sketches, sitcoms, and screenplays; teaching comedy, writing short stories and books, and radio personality.

As a motivational speaker, Torino's personal experiences and background as both a Occupational Therapist and Professional Counselor enables him to candidly talk about being a survivor, preventing work injuries, study habits, attaining goals, dealing with death and grieving, overcoming physical deficits, incarceration/loss of freedom, relationships, purpose-based living, and more.

Torino is a guy you will like.  If you don’t – well, maybe you’re just not good with people.


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Testimonials excellent job engaging and interacting with our audience…leaving them entertained and energized. By the end we felt better equipped to understand and deal with our individual and collective problems and obstacles.
Baylor ROTC
Worked with Torino and StandUp Experience on numerous occasions... always professional with a focus on audience satisfaction... Torino’s style of comedy is like sitting through a coach's halftime talk. He tells truths. He highlights our flaws and gives guidance. By the end of his performance you feel uplifted and also realize that you were laughing the entire time. I recommend him for any comedy venue as a headliner. It will be a decision your audiences will appreciate greatly.
LOL Comedy Manager
Powerful personal stories told in a vulnerable and amusing fashion that connected with our audience.
Ordained Minister
A comedy event that was initially arranged as a thank you to our employees actually motivated them… an unexpected and welcome bonus to a fun afternoon.
EOG Resources
Torino is a true comedy professional in every sense of the word. His fearless, thoughtful approach of any subject will leave you laughing, thinking and wanting for more... gives the audience the genuine feeling they are interacting with him while he is on stage. Anthony Torino is a must have headliner for any comic venue.
IMPROV Comedy Manager




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