A Veteran Gives Back to Veterans

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Purple Heart Iraq War Veteran, Nick Sterling, Releases New Song to Support Veterans and PTSD Treatment
A Veteran Giving Back to Veterans

Texas singer/songwriter and Purple Heart Veteran, Nick Sterling, will release his new song, I’m Finally Home, for presale mid-December.  The song will be featured on the album “Battle Cry – Songs of America’s Heroes” and released by Pacific Records, San Diego, CA.

Sterling had this to say about the song:

For years after serving overseas, I struggled with civilian life.  It was difficult to find that same drive and purpose that I had as a Combat Infantryman.  It was difficult to really feel like I was ‘home.’  I isolated myself.  I was determined to suffer in silence and make it through or die trying.  That all changed when I met my wife, Jessica.  She motivated me to be a good man and husband.  She gave me that feeling of ‘home’ that I had been longing for.  That’s what I’m Finally Home is about.

Sterling says writing music has been healing for him and he is overjoyed that he gets to use his music to help other Veterans heal as well.  “It is an honor to be able to use my music to support an organization like The Valkyrie Initiative and a privilege to be on the same album with amazing artists.  Using my music to help affect the lives of Veterans is what motivated me to start writing and performing in the first place.  I started writing the most honest and vulnerable lyrics I had ever written and with the positive reception I received from the Veteran community, I knew that this was the purpose that I had been striving for.  This is my mission.”

Sterling partnered with The Valkyrie Initiative, a non-profit organization aligned with his purpose to help Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress by treating the mind, body, and soul.  The proceeds from the album will help fund programs for Veterans. The album features 10 artists and 14 tracks.  Some of the other well-known artists include Scooter Brown Band, Ryan Weaver, Dave Bray, and Dee Rock.

The Valkyrie Initiative
The Valkyrie Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the successful facilitation of the after-downrange transition of Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Singer/Songwriter Nick Sterling
Nick Sterling is an independent artist based in Central Texas.  His Americana and Roots sound is a perfect fit for the diverse Texas Country music scene.  His songs of loss, struggle and love feature strong vocals and honest lyrics that are as heartbreaking as they are inspiring.  Sterling is bringing the heart and soul of a combat Veteran to the Texas Music Scene. He is currently recording his debut EP which will be released on Memorial Day 2017.