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KEVIN MCNULTY helps leaders and professionals elevate their people skills quotient to be more effective and influential in their roles.

Truth is, people and cultures are more complicated than in eras past. That means, if leaders and professionals want to be successful, they must strengthen their soft skills. That's why Kevin has dedicated his career to improving the people skills of professionals all around the world.

Often referred to as the “Conversationalist,” Kevin’s interactive keynote presentations and workshops feature proven strategies and provoke new thinking that attendees can implement to immediately improve their people skills and influence. As a masterful storyteller, Kevin uses compelling and humorous stories to cement his ideas in the minds of audience members.

Kevin has been an advisor, coach and consultant to senior military commanders, federal government executives and private sector professionals for 30 years. He was mentored by the renowned leadership coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and is now a premier thinker when it comes to soft skills and personal development.

As a seasoned executive coach, speaker, facilitator, and consultant to leaders and managers, Kevin teaches a myriad of soft-skills issues ranging from trust-building and leadership to change management and organizational culture. 

Kevin is the founder and owner of Humadyn-Life Skills Institute, a firm that helps organizations be more effective by helping employees, managers and leaders improve their knowledge, skills and abilities relative to soft-skills and human/workplace dynamics.

When it comes to sensitive, subjective and complex topics—such as that of with human dynamics—Kevin is exceptionally qualified. He is a superior communicator and facilitator with an uncanny ability to interact with people from all walks of life and every echelon. He brings literally a life-long and vast global background to the proverbial table. Kevin is an experienced, seasoned and well-read professional with a unique grasp of human, workplace, and organizational dynamics. 

Kevin sets himself apart as a thought-leader and “teacher” with many simple, yet thought-provoking visual models that he has developed. He uses these visual models to help audiences grasp vague and abstract concepts dealing with soft-skills, performance management, and workplace dynamics. 

He is the author of three books including: The Gap Between Two Worlds: Turning Difficult Life Transitions into Personal Growth Experiences  (on change and transition) and is currently writing his new book Your Personal Leadership Brand (on leadership influence). He is a highly decorated veteran of the United States Air Force.

Kevin McNulty, Air Force

Kevin McNulty, Air Force

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Kevin McNulty - Speaker, Coach, Author

Kevin McNulty Testimonials

Steve May

Director, Jack Daniels

 Kevin is an amazing motivational speaker with a rare depth and breadth. More, he delivers his message with humor, conversationally and even interactive; it always sinks deep. I’ve had the pleasure to be in his audience on several occasions and have seen audience members laugh and cry. Yet, in every case, they are always captivated by his compelling message, cutting edge ideas, and stories from his unique work, life, and adventures. In a phrase, Kevin speaks to the individuals core. The result is you think deeper, differently and are motivated to take important steps toward achievement–whether that be personally, professionally or organizationally. I highly recommend him as a keynote or seminar leader.

Tom Sheives

 Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems 

 You did a really great job on the Keynote on Monday in Nashville. Your stories about Lynchpins were amazing and inspiring! I can still remember those three impactful stories that were pivotal to your message. I also appreciate you letting us know a little bit about your anchors in life as well. You are to be commended and you served us and your friends in a really terrific way! 

Nancy Stubblefield

 Academic Advisor at Middle Tennessee State University 

 I have known Kevin for several years and am impressed with his work at Humadyn. Kevin has great integrity and passion in his work and has been very successful in helping companies with communication and teamwork issues. Kevin recently spoke for the Career Development Center to a group of young students who were searching for their career path. Kevin’s message was inspiring and I feel he motivated these students to pursue their dreams. 

Harold Henn

Partner, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Endeavour Marketing and Media, LLC 

 Kevin McNulty is a “powerhouse” of a counselor and speaker. Kevin continually delivers the “wow” factor wherever he speaks and presents truly unique and insightful information every time. Though no occasion or workshop is ever the same, there is one thing that stays constant – positive results! I highly recommend Kevin to anybody that is interested in improving themselves and/or their company on a wide-array of issues ranging from personal mastery, diversity training, communication, etc.