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Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®) is an award-winning international speaker, six-time US Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer, Counterintelligence Agent and decorated combat veteran.

Ken is a veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm. He served as a Team for a Tactical Human Intelligence Team (THT) during his time with the California Army National Guard. He was awarded three Army Commendation Medals for service during combat. He has been featured in an Emmy award-winning program on CBS and numerous other segments on ABC, NBC and FOX news; featured in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Business Times and 7X7 magazine. Ken has hosted over 70 full-length fitness videos on the Pentagon Channel, and successfully trained over 500,000 Service Members and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight. He  created Warrior Fit Camp, a highly effective tactical fitness, nutrition, resilience training and life-coaching program for the Air and Army National Guard. As an author, he has written over 100 fitness and health articles for GX®, Backpacker®, Outside® and Health® magazines, and websites including, and In addition, he created the Operation Family Fit video series and family fitness kits for the Air National Guard.

Ken is a CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional), a member of the National Speakers Association, and a graduate of the John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker Course.

Ken was awarded the Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) 2011 Best New Presenter of the Year, the EMPOWER Fitness 2013 Male Presenter of the Year, the IDEA WORLD 2016 Fitness Instructor of the Year, the EMPOWER Fitness 2017 Inspiration Award of the Year, the Canadian Fitness Professionals (canfitpro) 2017 International Presenter of the Year, has been featured numerous times on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox news, and continues to serve as a host for the Fit for Duty show on the Pentagon Channel. He was awarded a Letter of Appointment by the Chinese Government, naming him the Ambassador of Health and Fitness for the city of Changsha. Ken was awarded his tenth Army Commendation Medal for creating the Warrior Fit Camp program for the Tennessee Army National Guard Suicide Prevention Task Force, helping thousands of Armed Service Members turn stress into strength and obstacles into opportunities through physical and emotional resiliency coaching and leadership training. 

Ken Weichert, Army

Ken Weichert, Army

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Ken Weichert Testimonials

MAJ Patricia N. Smith

Over 450 Army and Air guard members registered to attend the conference this year. SGT Ken so easily communicated the connection of health, fitness and diversity. He addressed the entire conference on day two and received a standing ovation!

Debbie L. Morris

 Contractor, TN Army National Guard 

Ken′s energy and belief in Resiliency of the body and mind are contagious! Seeing our Service Members′ and civilians′ reactions to his trainings prove his ability and drive to touch something inside each and every individual in his audience. What a special gift Ken has to inspire others!

Connie Beaulieu


Kenneth Weichert (Sgt Ken®) was a keynote presenter for my event in 2014 & 2015. I am the CEO of ACTIVATE, a Canadian Fitness Conference and Consumer Expo. Of all speakers present (many of whom were very highly ranked), Ken was the number 1 in all aspects. He is extremely genuine, humble, motivating/inspiring, professional, courteous, engaging, caring and authentic. He has an incredible presence and impact wherever he presents and leaves a wonderful impression and delivers a great overall experience. I highly recommend him.

Ret. Col Gregg Bliss

Ken managed a national program that planned and executed outreach at Youth Soccer events nationwide and was hand-picked by our corporate leadership, with accolades from our client, based upon his reputation and capabilities as a spokesperson and public speaker. He supported over 35 events nationwide that often hosted 2,000 - 3,000 youth soccer players, parents and coaches. He quickly established our brand through his professionalism, dedication, and intuitive ability to engage, inform and interact with the attendees. He was the consummate spokesperson and quickly became the "face" of these events through his effortless ability to establish rapport with the audience and provide informative and relevant comments that were appreciated by all. He is a great public speaker, displays boundless enthusiasm and consistently exceeded expectations in the best interests of this program and its participants. As testimony to his public speaking abilities and reputation in this field, he was asked to speak at a national awards banquet hosted by a renowned Youth Soccer Sponsor as the opening speaker. Motivating, captivating and the embodiment of everything he says, I consider him a great asset to any organization or effort he is supporting.

Chris West

Co-founder of iostudio LLC and GX: The Guard Experience   

When it comes to fitness and motivation, you'll have to look far and wide to find someone who does as well as SGT Ken (Kenneth Weichert). I worked with Ken as a consultant for a magazine I founded called GX: The Guard Experience. Ken was an excellent resource, both as a subject matter expert as well as a speaker and motivator. Along the way, I had the privilege of working a few speaking gigs with Ken. I have a degree in Theatre and am very comfortable in front of an audience, but watching Ken work a crowd was a new lesson in how to get the job done. At the end of each speech, everyone was fired up, motivated and hungry for more. I highly recommend Kenneth Weichert, he is an excellent speaker, deeply knowledgeable about his subject and possesses a strong sense of honor and ethics. You really won't find a better man for the job. 

Fabio Comana

As his peer and one who interacts frequently with various highly-qualified Fitness Instructors, many worthy of recognition, Ken exhibits unique traits in how he interacts with, and instructs others that make him truly exceptional. Ken has served his country and dedicated much of his military career between tours to helping our soldiers integrate successfully back into society. His astute awareness and understanding of a person’s psycho-emotional status and how to successfully engage them to build trust and rapport are innate skills he possesses and a product of his military training. It is these skill sets that he brings into every session he teaches and this is what sets him apart from his peers. While he dons the military attire for effect, at the core beats the heart of a man who truly knows how to engage people, and help them overcome their ambivalence and apprehensions. It never comes as a surprise to hear time and time again that he is voted amongst the top presenters at each fitness conference, or to learn that people will willing to move mountains just to attend one of his classes.