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With a rare combination of passion and humor, Glen Burton shares his journey from a rough industrial estate in The North East of England to the battlefields of Bosnia and Iraq and then the boardrooms of some of the biggest companies in the world.

While he struggled to do well at school, Glen knew the path that he would take would see him join the Army and at the age of 16 he left home to face his biggest challenge yet - Army basic training. What followed was a yearlong and often brutal experience where failure for Glen just wasn’t an option. 

Learn what carried Glen through one of the most challenging military training cadres in the world as he chased his goal of becoming a professional soldier in the British Army. Glen inspires audiences with his journey from young naive kid to the most operational soldier in his unit before going on to become one of the most sought-after bodyguards.

His journey to date in almost 90 countries has seen Glen avoid kidnap and death to flying around the world on private jets with some of the most notable executives, celebrities and families. 

Glen has overcome much adversity since his youth and used that to his gain to become the best that he could possibly be and now you have the opportunity of understanding the mindset that has enabled him to achieve that.  Whatever your interest, Glen's speaking engagements are motivational and offer humor combined with real world stories.

Based on his experience from the military and within the global security arena, Glen is a frequent contributor to domestic and international media organizations on global security and terrorism matters.  

Glen Burton, British Army

Glen Burton, British Army

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