Southern Rock Band Gives Back

For Immediate Release: 12/2/2016

Adam Martin, Blackbird Anthem Release New Song to Support Veterans and PTSD Treatment
Southern Rock Band Gives Back

Southern rock singer and decorated war veteran Adam Martin and his band Blackbird Anthem will release their new song, Tonight We Ride, for presale mid-December.  The song will be featured on the album “Battle Cry – Songs of America’s Heroes” and released by Pacific Records, San Diego, CA.

Martin had this to say about the song:

Our job in Iraq was to provide security for supply convoys on a 500-mile trip from the border of Kuwait to a base north of Baghdad.  Once we dropped off the convoy, our platoon of Humvees would race back to the border, usually at night, to pick up the next convoy.  This is a song about those drives.

The track also features Nashville lead guitar player, Darin Favorite.

Martin has had his own life experience with PTSD after returning from Iraq.  He struggled with reintegration, depression, and being emotionally disconnected for years before seeking help.  At the urging of a counselor, Martin picked up a guitar and taught himself to play by watching YouTube videos.  Music quickly became a form of therapy for him and has now become a way for him to reach out and help other veterans.

His band, Blackbird Anthem, partnered with The Valkyrie Initiative, a non-profit organization aligned with their purpose to help veterans with Post Traumatic Stress by treating the mind, body, and soul. The proceeds from the album will help fund programs for Veterans.  The album features 10 artists and 14 tracks.  Some of the other well-known artists include Scooter Brown Band, Ryan Weaver, Dave Bray, and Dee Rock.

The Valkyrie Initiative
The Valkyrie Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the successful facilitation of the after-downrange transition of Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Blackbird Anthem
Fronted by combat veteran and singer / songwriter Adam Martin, Blackbird Anthem is an independent southern rock band from the Florida heartland.  Along with bass player David Bruce and drummer Cody Owens, the band plays across Florida and southeast Texas.  Their songs are tales of love, loss, regret, and redemption.  Their self-released debut EP “Stories I’ve Never Told” is available through most major digital music outlets.  Blackbird Anthem recently returned to the studio to work on a full-length record.