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Bravo748 Military Veteran Speakers and Entertainers (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard) represent a variety of Military motivational speakers, comedians, trainers, emcees, skydivers, subject matter experts, consultants, actors, radio personalities, film producers, video producers, screenwriters, poets, authors, artists, singers, and bands who have inspirational stories and live music that coincide with leadership, responsibility, conduct, honor, transition, adversity, and recovery. 

Overcoming obstacles in harsh and dangerous environments using their field-tested skills and knowledge, these heroes share their experiences with your audience to create renewed energy, sharing their achieved success and ways in which your audience can duplicate that success, based on company, personal or event goals.  The overall goal is self-motivation coupled with a positive attitude that focuses on a contagious synergy where audiences will inspire each other and their friends long after the presenter or entertainer leaves the room.



Transition = Change.
Change = Stress.
A common response in the military is to ignore stress - but stress, PTSD, TBI, anxiety, drinking, drugs, and a host of other military-and combat-related stressors don't go away by themselves. Bravo748 presenters experienced and continue to address a variety of stressors - in a positive way. They want to help others learn how to set realistic expectations, understand it is healthy to seek professional help, the value of a mentor, make connections, build confidence, turn pressure into a motivator, and acknowledge challenges to manage them effectively.
Traumatic events, emotional injuries, and physical injuries are part of the military experience. Don't ignore them. We can help with resources to support you.

Choose Life


Untreated mental illness can often lead to unwanted consequences, such as suicide. According to a June 2015 CDC report, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death among Americans; more than 1 million people reported making a suicide attempt in the past year; sadly, more than 2 million reported thinking about suicide in the past year; and most people who engage in suicidal behavior never seek mental health services. Twenty-two of our military brothers and sisters takes their lives each day. The toll on family and friends is devastating, unimaginable, confusing, and survivors experience guilt, anger, abandonment, denial, helplessness, and shock.

Connect with us. Suicide is preventable. There is hope. There is help.



Genuine laughter releases endorphins in the brain, chemicals that activate receptors to produce euphoria-producing effects. Research has shown that viewing or participating in comedy led to higher pain tolerance, and there is a dose-related response to laughter: people who laugh more feel less pain later. It was also shown that laughing along with other people is better at relieving pain than laughing alone. Research also finds that emotional and physical pain are not distinct and that social contact can provide relief. Laughter helps develop coping skills, deal with stress and tense situations, and helps us manage pain.

Laugh with us!

Workplace Safety


Unsafe working conditions affect service delivery quality and worker productivity and retention. Safety should be viewed as an integral part of human resources management systems – hazardous environments increase absenteeism, turnover, risk of abandoning the profession, short-term sick leave, longer-term disability, and even death. Complacency coupled with a false sense of security can be deadly. Bravo748 Speakers can train in a variery of arenas: safety programs, weapons and ammunition management, law enforcement, first responder, top security, crisis management, weapons training, suicide prevention, situational awareness, and more.

Let's make sure Safety Happens!


The Subject Matter Expert is an individual who exhibits the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill. From weapons ammunition training and consulting to high-level management skills training studied within the most dangerous places on the planet, Bravo748 Trainers and Presenters are second to none. Want a music or music video specilist? Look no further. How about an actor or film/television consutant? We got'em. Crisis management, situational awareness, law enforcement and first responder training? Our Experts have walked the walk and are comfortable training in any size group, both military and civilian.

Because so much is riding on your good choice!

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Bravo748 is a team of Military Veterans who are Professional Speakers, Trainers, Entertainers, Comedians, Bands, Singers, Skydivers, Actors, Emcees, Business Consultants, and Military and Weapons Subject Matter Experts - Second to None.

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